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Alina Cioca CEO

Generates organizational ownership by giving employees the power to recommend and assist with developing the needed changes.

Sergio Cioca Director General

Sergio Cioca is one of the most recognizable financial guides in the country. He takes a great personal interest in what you do, what she does.

camelia Pop Jefa de Trafico

Significant experience and developed expertise working with individuals and households who are in, have gone through significant life transitions.

Iulia Vid Customer service

Doe can define outstanding service through service standards and team goals; bring in data and metrics to evaluate service quality.

Shirley Bennett Manager

Shirley employs excellent listening skills to gain a deep understanding of customer concerns and to provide win-win solutions for the customer.

Peter Himmelman Manager

For Peter, it's about understanding how the brain works so we can work with, rather than against, in order to reach our most meaningful goals.

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